Frans Timmermans

The Progressive Common Candidate
for President of the European Commission

The European elections in May 2019 are the most important moment in European politics since the fall of the Iron Curtain 30 years ago, in 1989. Now it is time for a new generation to define a new Europe.
These elections are about you, whichever corner of Europe you come from. We need your ideas, your support and your votes. Sign up here to be part of the movement that will change Europe.
The progressive Europe that we want to build with you is free, fair and sustainable.

Thank you to the thousands of PES activists and supporters who joined me during the campaign

My beliefs

The progressive Europe that we want to build with you is free, fair and sustainable.

Who is Frans Timmermans?


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Vote frans

Unless you live in The Netherlands, you won’t see the name Frans Timmermans on your ballot paper - but that doesn’t mean you can’t vote for him to become President of the European Commission.

The European party that can build a majority in the European Parliament gets to elect the next Commission President. It’s just like in many national Parliaments, where you vote for your local representative, not for the party leader who becomes your Prime Minister.

Frans Timmermans is the common candidate of the Party of European Socialists, endorsed by your social democrat, socialist or labour party as the next President of the European Commission. A vote for one of these parties is a vote which helps us win a progressive majority in Europe. Simple.

Find out which party is a PES member in your country here:

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