Common Candidate meets progressives in Germany

Frans Timmermans campaigned in Berlin on Monday 18 March with SPD lead candidates Katarina Barley and Udo Bullmann and party leader Andrea Nahles.

Speaking at the Global Solutions Summit, Frans Timmermans said:

“Berlin is a fascinating city and one of those focal points in the worlds’ history. I was born in the year the Berlin Wall was built, my son Marc was born the year it was torn down, and my son Max was born in 2004, the year Europe became whole again with enlargement to central and eastern countries. I say this because whilst it seems like history, it is my life. I was trained as a soldier to fight my neighbours, my children cannot image hostility towards them. This is what the EU is about. It is not a currency or a common market; these are just instruments. Europe is the most successful peace project this continent has ever seen.”

The campaign trip included taking part in Equal Pay Day with the leadership of the SPD, and meetings with the German Labour Unions and the German media. Timmermans also spoke at the Global Solutions Summit, in a discussion which you can catch up with online here.