Timmermans campaigns with Pedro Sanchez in Alicante ahead of key elections for Spain

In Spain and in Europe we must choose unity over division, Frans Timmermans said today in Alicante as he addressed PSOE activists alongside Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

The PES Common Candidate said:

“The decision in April and May is between two options: either a better and fairer future for the majority, or the expired politics of exclusion. The Europe that I want is a continent of progress. I do not want our children and grandchildren to have a Union in black and white, I do not want them to see Europe divided, with walls between us. What we need now is a progressive majority."

Frans Timmermans was in Spain to support the campaign of PSOE as they approach both a general election in April and European elections in May.

Around a thousand PSOE supporters gathered in Alicante to hear the Party of European Socialists Common Candidate speak about his plans for a more progressive Europe. Addressing the crowds, Timmermans spoke out against growing populism and declared that he would never bargain with the extreme right to gain the European Commission Presidency. Frans Timmermans also praised the Spanish Government’s progressive policies and held up its stance on gender equality and ending austerity as examples for Europe to follow.