The world is relying on your idealism, Timmermans tells YES Congress

Help me lead Europe towards sustainability, social justice and cooperation, Frans Timmermans said today as he addressed the Young European Socialists Congress in Helsinki. 

The PES Common Candidates said:

“Lead, have the audacity to lead, that is what I tell your generation. You are the most idealistic, healthiest, strongest, the best educated, most European generation in European history. Use that. Use that at a time when the world needs your idealism, so we don’t make mistakes that will haunt many generations to come. Use that to set Europe on the path of sustainability, of social justice. Use that to create an environment of cooperation, not confrontation.”

The PES manifesto is a programme for a fairer, freer and more sustainable Europe. This includes a series of commitments to empower young people and improve their prospects for the future. A progressive European Commission will tackle precarious work, create more affordable housing, extend the Youth Guarantee – which has already helped millions of young people in Europe – and support and reinforce Erasmus+.

Finland is the latest country Frans Timmermans has visited as part of his campaign to become the next President of the European Commission. The PES Common Candidate visited Sweden and Spain last weekend, and will campaign in Germany and Greece in the coming days.