"These are our true colours"

Frans Timmermans today renewed his commitment to the LGBTI community by signing the ILGA Europe ‘Come Out’ pledge.

The PES Common Candidate said:

“I was a member of the first parliament in the world, twenty years ago, to legalise equal marriage. We were the first in the world in the Netherlands. Many people said it was ridiculous. Since then this movement has spread, not just in Europe but elsewhere. That is the positive story we can tell. But it is not just positive. In recent years under the influence of nationalist, nativists, white supremacists, we have seen a huge push back. Increased discrimination, violence, and hateful speech.”

“We have to double our efforts in this struggle. Everybody should show where they stand. Everybody should show clearly what their true colours are. On behalf of the Party of European Socialist and of social democrats, I tell you these are our true colours. You can count on us.”

ILGA-Europe is a leading LGBTI rights NGO in Europe, representing nearly 600 organisations from over 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The “Come Out” pledge gives European elections candidates the opportunity to show their commitment to fight for five key principles in the next European Parliament:

1. Strengthening protection in EU law and policy
2. Ensuring an enabling environment for LGBTI human rights defenders
3. Being an ally to under-represented voices
4. Ensuring EU leadership on LGBTI rights
5. Harnessing the power of your position

Find out more about the Come Out pledge: http://www.comeout.eu/