Frans Timmermans: I will help next generation create change

Frans Timmermans today travelled to Portugal to meet young PS activists and attend a rally alongside Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa.

Speaking with young people, the PES Common Candidate said:

“You see that your generation is the healthiest generation in European history. It is the best connected generation across Europe in European history. It is by and large the best educated generation in European history. And it is probably the most challenged generation in European history as well.

“Now with the movements you see across Europe, Greta Thunberg, and other very young people mobilising, getting together, going into the streets, you can see that if you get together and organise, you can actually have a real influence on political choices and what politics can do. So I think we are on the verge of a new dawn of young people changing the way society works, changing the way politics works.

“The offer I put on the table today, to you, is: if this is what you want, and you want to lead, I will follow.”